Electronic Fare Box

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RPT will be installing new electronic fareboxes on the weekend of December 5th and they will become operational Monday December 7th, 2015.


 During the weekend of installation all riders will be able to ride free on Saturday December 5, 2015.

The new farebox will accept new transit bus passes that will be sold starting December 7th, 2015. Cash and coins will still be accepted. Checks will not be accepted.

December 2015 monthly paper passes will be sold until the end of the day December 4, 2015. All other paper passes will be sold until the end of the day December 4, 2015. After that date new transit bus passes will be sold that the electronic farebox will be able to read. 

There will no longer be Monthly or Annual passes. These will be replaced by a 31 day and a 365 day pass. The 31 and 365 day pass will not become active until the pass is first used.  The 1st of a calendar month or 1st day of the year no longer dictates pass purchase or use, which now can begin on any day mid-month.

There will no longer be student Semester passes. These will be replaced by passes that are available for students that range from 90-150 days.

Multiple ride passes that can be purchased on the bus: Reduced 10 Ride Pass, Regular Fare 10 Ride Pass, and Regular Fare 20 Ride Pass.

Partially used and valid RPT paper passes will be honored until 6/1/2016. Any UNUSED RPT paper passes can be exchanged for new fare cards until 6/1/2016 at the RPT office: 4300 East River Rd NE.

Purchase locations of the new passes will not change.  RPT's fares will not be changing and the impact on your ridership experience during the installation process will be minimal. 

All new and partially used Mayo Employee passes need to be exchanged through the Mayo Parking and Transit Access Office.

If you are an agency serving persons with disabilities and/or senior citizens (or anyone else who is interested) and have questions or need training for your riders on RPT’s new electronic fareboxes, please contact Scott Retzlaff with Rochester Public Transit at 507-328-2439 so arrangements can be made. RPT has a portable farebox that can brought to your location or groups can be scheduled to meet at RPT’s operation office at 4300 East River Road NE. The training only takes a few minutes.

Information on the fareboxes, the installation process, and brochures explaining the “new look” bus passes are available here or by calling 507-328-2439.

To view an instructional video on our new farebox please click here :  RPT Farebox Instructional Video

 To print out this image, please click here for a pdf copy:  Our New Farebox


Fare Card Documents and Information:

RPT Fare Card Poster

RPT Fare Card Summary Sheet


Public Service Announcements related to the installation of the fareboxes:

PSA #3 (Issued 12-02-2015) 

PSA #2 (Issued 11-23-2015) 

PSA #1 (Issued 11-13-2015)

Ticket Vendor and Agencies who sell or distribute RPT passes PSA (Issued 11-13-2015)

Rider Alert #1 (Issued 11-13-2015)