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 Parking Access Revenue Control Equipment for Parking Ramp #6 and the Third Street Ramp  2 p.m. on 10/10/2017  Notice of Bids  8/30/2017


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 An ordinance creating and enacting Sections 62.1200, 62.1201, 62.1202, 62.1203, 62.1204, 62.1205, and amending and reenacting Sections 60.200, 62.147, 62.322, and 62.342 of the Rochester Code of Ordinances, relating to Indoor Gun Range Regulations, was given a first reading.  9/18/2017 Indoor Gun Range Ordinance Amendment Draft
An ordinance creating and enacting Section 85.065 of the Rochester Code of Ordinances, relating to Disturbing an assembly or meeting, was given a first reading.   9/18/2017 Disturbing an assembly or meeting Ordinance Amendment Draft 

An ordinance creating and enacting Section 85.28 of the Rochester Code of Ordinances, relating to the prohibition of smoking in municipal parking ramps, was given a first reading. 

9/18/2017   Prohibiting smoking in parking ramps Ordinance amendment draft

An ordinance creating and enacting subparts within Section 64V.230 of the Rochester Code of Ordinances, relating to the Town Center District Sign Regulations of the Riverfront Commons Special District.

10/2/2017   Changing Sign Regulations in the Riverfront Commons Special District Ordinance amendment draft



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Hearings at the Oct. 16, 2017, City Council meeting

Final Plat #R2017-029PLAT by Mortenson to create two lots on 2.1 acres to be known as Discovery Square. The site is located on a block surrounded by 4th Street SW to the north, 2nd Avenue SW to the east, 5th Street SW to the south, and 3rd Avenue SW to the west.

General Development Plan #R00348GDP by Westridge Hills - Gene Peters, to be known as Westridge Hills Subdivision, for development consisting of residential lots and a church, on 79.31 acres.  The site is in Rochester Township, north of 48th Street SW, and south of the Windsor Ridge Subdivision. 

Hearings at the Nov. 6, 2017, City Council meeting

Question of whether the following described parcels of land recently annexed to the City should be included in the Rural Service District established by Ordinance 1466:  40.06 acres located in Part of the NE ¼ of the NE ¼ of Section 22, Rochester Township owned by YH Dee LLC and Mark Hanson.

Other City hearings

The City Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Rochester, Minnesota, will hold a public meeting in the Council/Board Chambers of the Government Center, 151 4th Street SE, Rochester, MN, on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. regarding:

Conditional use Permit - Incentive Development Preliminary Plan #2017-029CUP byEKN Development Group for a 9-story transient accommodations use (hotel). The site is bound by Civic Center Drive NW to the north, 1st Avenue NW to the east, a railroad right-of-way to the south, and 2nd Avenue NW to the west.

All interested persons are invited to attend or submit written comment.  If you have any questions, please contact the Rochester-Olmsted Planning Dept. at 507.328.7100.